Geological Reports


1915- Investment Report on Buzzard’s Roost Group of Mining Claims:

“This is one of the very few prospects I have seen in which the amount of required initial operations maybe regarded as a safe and profitable investment rather than a precarious speculation.”

1925- State Copper Company Report:

“I pass then with the mark that I have never examined a copper property that had such a display of high grade ore. Ore is found at practically all places where the veins outcrop to the surface.”

“You have very excellent chances for opening large bodies of commercial gold ore near the surface or above your tunnel level.”

1959- F. C. Ramsing Report:

“All work in the area indicates shallow depth but unusually rich stopes. Therefore, drilling from the low levels may miss them. It is recommended that drifting should proceed to top the new shoot on the shallow structure, then raise to the economic level on the shoot.”

1975- Wilbur Sweet Report for Cyprus Bagdad Copper Company:

“The Swallow Mine has produced approximately 8,300 tons of ore containing 2,640 ounces of gold and 3,800,000 pounds of copper between 1915-1916 and 1937-1939.”

1986- Wilbur Sweet Report for Charles Brown:

“I personally feel that the property has merit and strongly recommend it to a company that will conduct a responsible exploration program.”

1990- Phelps Dodge Report:

“Gold grades range up to several ounces per ton in high grade portions of the shears…”

“I recommend that negotiations be initiated for acquisition of the Swallow Mine property.”

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