Exploration and Development

Unique Features

The mining business, like all others, is competitive and subject to all typical business challenges (labor, government regulations, etc). There are however several elements that we feel set the Swallow apart from others:

  • New-Area2 New-Area2
  • New Dig New Dig
  • Conichalcite and Shattuckite Specimen 2 Conichalcite and Shattuckite Specimen 2
  • Gem Silica Gem Silica
  • Chrysocolla cut and polished 2 Chrysocolla cut and polished 2
  1. This operation is in the latter stages of exploration to define a proven ore reserve. The ore bodies have been mapped (and we will do more), many geological studies have been done and although “past performance is no guarantee of the future returns” it is reasonable to believe that the mine will continue to produce value as indicated by past historical production.
  2. There is a ready market for the product. Although metals prices may vary, there is always a market for gold and copper.
  3. Permitting. The mine is operating within surface and underground exploration permits. Our drill program will be done in two stages. Stage one objectives will be underground drilling to identify ore ahead of existing tunnel workings. This will allow the company to continue mining along current tunnel workings shortening the time and reducing development costs getting  into production. This stage will also significantly reduce the required permitting to commence underground drilling and development activities.
  4. Stage 2 will consist of surface exploratory drilling to identify additional ore reserves. The requisite permitting for stage two will be done concurrently with stage one.  The final permitting stage requires filing a modified plan of operations to obtain an operating permit to start production.
  5. The renowned Vulture Mine nearby is currently being re-opened and other well known companies are doing extensive exploratory work within the area.

Development Work

Currently while our exploration and drilling program is being planned and executed, improvements are being done on the two main tunnel workings of the Swallow and Moonlight Mines. Much of the mine’s tunnel systems are in good condition leaving only a few areas needing repair and shoring in advance of stage one of our drilling program.

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